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Hey I'mma tell you something and I'mma keep it real, ay man, ay Bitch Mob Task Force, ay all the beautiful girls in here man, I'mma tell you what I want and what we gon do, ya heard me?

Erybody know, I'mma fuck her like a ho (x8)

[Verse 1:]
Ask me bout the bitch
I'mma tell you bout the bitch
I'mma tell you bout the ho
Last night with the bitch
I'mma tell you bout the bitch
That sucked on my dick

Bitch you is a bitch
With ya fake ass clique
Tell ya fake ass friend
Get out my fucking house

Tell that stupid ass bitch
I'mma fuck her in the mouth

What's the problem with ME bitch?
I'm kinda stressed, I don't have enough sex
And I fuckin' need to stretch

I'mma go to Starbucks, in the mornin' for some coffee
If it ain't a girl there, I won't buy no damn coffee

I'm a maniac bitch
I'mma fuck her in the mornin
Task force, bitch mob
You know we all horny!


[Verse 2:]
Bitch pay attention
There go Lil B
He on the internet
And he on TV

Now you know I love girls
And respect all women
It's some HOES in this house
Pass me a couple bitches

By the way, fuck drugs
I can fuck a bitch sober
I done popped a viagra
And I look like Steve Austin
I look like Tim McGraw
With the bitches on my farm

Had to set the bitch alarm
You gon' fuck me in the mornin'

Bitch I might lick your ass
Bitch I might pay you cash
Bitch I might fuck ya last

I'mma fuck ya in the grass
I'mma fuck ya in the mouf
Cuz she know that I'm the best
Cuz she know that I'm the rawest
I'm the only pretty bitch!


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