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[Verse 1]
Suck a nigga dick bitch, 30 on my dick bitch
50 on my wrist bitch, 20 on my hip bitch
Tell her suck a dick bitch, Im that pretty bitch BITCH

Im with that click bitch, Ima catch a murder bitch
Ima go and serve the bitch, tell me whats the word bitch
Still hold that Mac 80, still hold that mac 50
Bitch called me Ken Griffy, I look like Oprah Winfrey
Flexed up im cast out, dope in my damn mouth
I ain't no damn drought, pussy in my damn mouth
Bitches in my damn..bitch you gon pay me homage
Look at my picture bitch, Lil B look like a scholar
Still hold that damn chopper, cook like Aunt Jemima
Im in this thang bitch, still hold that Mac 80
Still like Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob got problems
Bitch Mob ,Task Force watch me, Task Force hitman
Task Force with me, Task Force made me

Bitch Mob cookin dance, dope in my right hand
Call me Martha Stewart, posted in trap house
Call me Sam Shooter , call me Ra? Kobe
Quarterback in my bitches, quarter sack my bitches?
Ima handle business, dopegang south
The bitches love me, I love my bitches (God damn it)
Im cousin skeeter, im tricking off the meter
I fucked her on the speaker, ASK ABOUT MEEEEE

Chorus :
Task Force , task force (AAAHHH), task force, task force, task force, (SWAG, DAMN, BASEDGOD)
Task force, task force , task force
Task force, task force, task force, task force, task force ,task force
Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob, Bitch Mob

Heavy thuggin.. Im heavy thuggin! Heavy thuggin.(BASEDGOD).Im heavy thuggin!
MMMMM (Repeat Chorus, random commentary like "BASEDGOD" "SWAG" "DAMN")

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