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[Verse 1]
Tell you bout me, I can tell you like that
4-4 on the blunt, you can bring her right back
My name's Lil B, my names Lil B
Ate the girl pussy cause she hating on me
She hating on you and she hating on my dick
She getting mad cause I wouldn't take a pic
At the mansion she just strip
Keep it real bruh I love that bitch
She loved the fuck, put the bitches in the truck
Bout time to leave, aye aye aye, my name's Lil B
And I'm the rawest rapper out
A hundred grand show, I did all that
And I ain't no lie, let's go take a walk outside

[Verse 2]
C'est la vie ??? I love Lil B
Looking for ??? way too foreign
Need to find love when the day gets boring
You exploring, I go pretty deep
Underwater, cause I'm from the sea
Waterfront, bitch, I need a mermaid girl
Beautiful ladies all in BasedWorld
It's Thanksgiving
Who gonna help when the ship start sinking?
Who ready to get freaky?
You love Lil B, I'mma see you on the weekend
Shots out to the Weeknd
I come through man, Canada screaming
You already know, fuck with Lil B, what it do?

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