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Lil B Chorus

Put that pussy on me now
Put that pussy on the flo
Put that pussy on my dick (x2)
Whoop Whoop
Hit the floor (x9)

Verse 1 : Lil B

You so thick, walkin like a bitch
Talkin like a bitch, dancin like a slut

Show a little pussy, I might lick your cherry
I might suck it hard, I swear to God

Girls if you like it, scream oh yeah (x2)
Dance up on the chair, show that pussy yeah
Poke yo ass out, dont be scared..

(Talking : Lil B)

Damn you look so good...
Yeah, you know you love that shit


Verse 2 : Lil B

They like the ocean, twerk in slow motion
Show me yo doodie, do it dirty
Spread yo legs and twerk it like that
Now criss cross like that, now she me that back
Now mop the floor and show me whos the bitch
Roll yo eyes, girl you so nasty
Do the helicopter, do the Aunt Jemima
If you got the some wet pussy, scream Aunt Jemima



Woop Woop, hit the floor

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