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Bitch I know you wanna fuck
Bitch I know you wanna fuck

Undercover bitch freak look like a stripper
Make that pussy snap bitch you know I'll flip her
Bitch what's your name, I'm thinking bout grip her
Get mac, I'm a fuck me a stripper
Said she don't fuck in the club, she a liar
20 thousand dollars make that pussy expire

Bitch at the light, she don't wanna fuck me
I know the based God bitch I tell you bout me
Yeah, I'm a fuck for free, pretty bitch man
I'm from the streets, based God
Keep it real based, 30 thousand dollars
Put your bitch in your place
Based off top, day with the motherfucking game on lock
Stay with the motherfucking dope in the pot
Bitch hit my line, so we can fuck

You know you wanna fuck
Bitch you know you wanna fuck
Based God, based God, based God, based God

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