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Task force Bitch Mob, I don't give a fuck!
Ay Man, everybody in this mothafucka man, you need to get some pussy tonight!
I'mma tell you like this!

Beat the pussy ah, Stick! Beat the pussy ahhhhh
Beat the pussy ah, Stick! Beat the pussy ahhhhh
Beat the pussy ah, BasedGod! Beat the pussy ahhhhh (Stick! Stick! Stick! Stick)
Beat the pussy ah! Beat the pussy ahhhhh
Beat the pussy ah! Beat the pussy ahhh
Beat the pussy ah, Woop Stick! Beat the pussy ahhhh
Beat the pussy ah (Swag) Beat the pussy ahhhh
Swag Swag, STICK!

[Verse 1]
Beat that shit up
Bad bitch, I'mma fuck
Who know, bout me?
20 bitches, on me
Beat it up like BasedGod
Woop! Woop! Bitch Mob
Barangtang All Day
Drinks free, I don't pay
Don't play! Dome Busters
Taskforce we Bladerunners
Show some, what it do
Drop it low, touch your shoes

Girl you look so good
Task Force I'm from the hood
I'mma dance with the bitch


[Verse 2]
I'm like Superman
Lift her up, do the dance

Beat it up, lay her down
Thug love, she from the town
I'm off that Based juice
BasedGod, What it do?
Task Force Woop Woop!
AYEEEE! Woop Woop!
I like big girls
I like skinny girls
I like FAT girls

Ride me! Fuck me! Suck me! Love me!
Lil B! Kiss my ass
Billionaire, straight cash
I'mma about to... Lash!


[Verse 3]
Task Force, Bitch Mob
Lil B, BasedGod
Bad Bitch I see her
Keep dancing cheerleader!
I'm in here party rocking
Got beef, no option
All the girls, having fun
All the dudes, smoking blunts
Getting drunk, quit being sober
Iwantdoe! I'm Homer
Fuck your bitch
Suck my dick

You only got 1 night
You only got 1 life

The girl, told me yes


Beat the pussy ahh!

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