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Yeah.. you feel me bitch shouts out to everybody it's that West Side shit
Shouts out to motherfuckin Memphis nigga

Gold House nyah nyaaah. Bitch

It's Gold House bitch, so you know them hoes down to fuck
Based God's my dad so you know I got a bad bitch
Everybody know that the kid tote the package
Young Based God got that Gold House package

With them bad hoes cause they love that I'm classic
Young Based God got them hoes getting nasty
Fuck what ya heard bitch, I look fantastic
Fuck what ya heard bitch, respect my mom

Look at me bitch ho I look like a mannequin
Gold House, Gold House I'm California trappin'
Gold House bitch I don't care what you fucking think
Still in the Rolls Royce, I'm a fucking bitch

I'm talking that based, that shit's so fire, that shit's so fire X4

What's the deal bitch
I'mma tell you this bitch

It's straight West Coast
Shouts out to Memphis
Damn Based God you a motherfuckin' bitch now
I ain't in the hood but I still got a gun, bitch

Bruh don't push me too close bitch
I don't talk bitch
I just move and I'm focused
Post a bitch up cause he talking down bad now
Shouts out to Miami
I'm coming with that forty

Bitch know what's up cause I'm high and I'm lonely
Hold that motherfuckin mac cause you niggas phony
I got a bad bitch she look like '97 Trina
Damn Based God, I ain't lying and I seen her
Damn Based God, bitch he got too many bitches

Suck my ditch bitch, I'm gettin iller and iller
The money in my face bitch I'm so hypnotised
Gold House Bitch Mob I tell you no lies (Bitch mob!)


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