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[Lil B]
(Yes) It's your boy Lil B man
(Yes) I made this I'm positive today, man
And I just wanted to thank everybody that supports me, man
This for y'all
Check me out
Spit a little story

[Verse 1: Lil B]
My life was alright
Did things alright
Most people don't understand (Yes)
My mind
Yes ma'am (ma'am)
My mom
I love you (I love you)
What you think?
I'm growing up (Yes)
Everybody here showing up (showing up)
Based Boy, sure enough (shonuf)

[Lil B speaking]
I just wanted, once again, to thank everybody that supports me
That supports my creativity (yes)
My individuality
You know what I'm saying?
That I bring to the rap game (ey)
And just a whole nother level I put on
Check me out (Yeaa)

[Verse 2: Lil B]
I'm on that money train (train)
All the ladies all the fame (all the fame)
I really got to thank my supporters (porters)
I love y'all (Yes), I want y'all (uh huh)
Without your mind you ain't gonna get a dime. (gonna get a dime)
And I gotta live for the life. (live for the life)
And I don't want to pay the price, (don't want to pay the price)
The price is too high like gas prices (gas prices)
You see a pirate, then he really a pirate (then he really a pirate)
Negative, (negative) and my city is violent
And I don't want to see them people crying (crying)
And I'm not silent ask him ima keep on vibing (vibing)
My mamma told me you got to keep on writing (writing)
So ima spit based till i see that island (island)
I'm going to stop my people from fighting
I love y'all (ey)

[Outro: Lil B]
Yeah, I love y'all (yeah)
It's the summer time I love y'all(x3) (eh, uh, yes, uh huh)x3
Know what I'm saying?
Know what I'm saying man? (Yes)
I just made this once again man
Shouts out to everybody (Yes) all my fellas
Based Boys (uh huh)
All the ladies, Basedgirls (uh huh)
That help me everyday
Y'all the reason why I keep doing this (I'm on that money train, all the ladies all the fame)
You feel me?
I love it man and ima do it forever, for y'all (I love y'all)
Ima do it forever
Ima keep doing it
Thank y'all for coming to my shows man
All the pretty ladies dressing up all cute
Making me rap good (Yeaa)
(I'm on that money train, all the ladies all the fame) You feel me?
It's amazing man
You know (I love y'all, I want y'all) once again anything is (uh huh) available
Anything is everything
Anything is possible
Mission impossible, never that
You feel me?
Plenty trials and tribulations, you feel me?
The game waiting
We all waiting
To get that, you feel me?
Piece to the top, that bite to the top
We all want that man, and trust me
We all gonna eat it
We all gonna get it
We all gonna beat it like Michael
And once you overcome that you gonna feel really good man
Because you stayed positive
You stuck with what you love

And you handled your business
You know what I'm saying?
Once again thank you to all my supporters
Man I love y'all for real man
Keep it real g
Real PI
I'm from Berkeley
You feel me?
And I'm on my own thing
You know?
With this music tip
I'm not talking about solo
I'm talking about just doing my own thing
When you hear B you know its Lil B, you feel me?
I'm comfortable

God bless y'all man
I love y'all

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