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Stop rapping that bullshit
Stop talking that bullshit
Stop smoking that bullshit
Look like you on that bullshit

Stop rapping that bullshit
Stop talking that bullshit
Stop smoking that bullshit
You on that bullshit

Stop looking like bullshit
Stop dressing like bullshit
That ho you fucking
You on that bullshit

Stop rapping that bullshit
Stop talking that bullshit
Stop smoking that
You on that bullshit

[Verse 1]
Hah, I'm coming gangsta mane
All the way 100 with it
Who spit it like I spit it (nobody)
Niggas sippin
Hoes too and they like
Put gasoline on fire
These hoes'll get you killed

Nigga how you feel
You let hating stop your grind homie?
D.A. bullshitting
Want me with time homie

Sitting lonely in the cell
Hearing bullshit
Where niggas talk 'bout
How they had this, when they ain't had shit

Watch your surroundings
The devil's in the pulpit

Niggas sell a million records
Talking bullshit
But me, I spit that gutta gutta real talk

People feel me in they heart
Like heartburn
A clique bad bitches on my team;
Pussy clean, feet clean, teeth clean
You know what I mean

I got my beamed
Extended clip
And I ain't talking

Wake up smoke my purple
Drank my coffee here we go


[Verse 2]
Now second verse
It gets worse than the first
Bullshit got my niggas
Locked down in a hearse
This shit hurt
Niggas hating on a nigga's ball
They hating on a nigga's ball
Get your money, it's enough for us all
Don't even call me with that fake ass shit
I don't have time
Being worried 'bout another nigga
Never been part of my grind
"Boosie you think you all that huh? bullshit"
No you think I'm all that bitch! Real Shit
Came from a personal pan
To a meatlover's
Certified street hustler
I like a lot of toppings

How you rocking?
Cutting them nappy head hoes
Smiling in my face with them two dirty ass golds

It's time that yall dids more
They wanna take me to court
It's fine but mane I ain't fine no more
If she don't wanna give up that ass
She bullshitting
If she ain't showed you the cash
She trying to jack you on some bullshit


[Verse 3]
No matter what
I keep it gutta
'til the bone gristle
Been slanging them whips
Been hanging with killers
Been banging at niggas
This is my life nigga
Drive-by's, niggas miss?
Mane God with ya

Lil hard niggas
Who smell bullshit from a mile away
I'll be damned
If I let a nigga take my smile away (fuck a nigga)

Bitches say I tried to run 'em
They bullshitting
They lock me in
I lock my door and finish my dro
If you ain't know
Is if you ain't hear from me the real facts

Boosie this
Boosie that
I don't wanna hear that
They trying to turn my kids against me
It's a cold world
My mama told me keep my dick in
I'm bullshitting
What they gone say now?
Since I'm fucking with suge?
I know
(who, suge knight?)
(suge knight?)
I know
Drag my name through the mud
I guess he headed for the grave
Like they said 10 years ago

Fuck a nigga
Light the dro


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