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Hold up, stop the beat, ride the beat, pause 
Drop the beat going off on these niggas
, Young Rocky 
I don’t even know why they stand by me
Get your game up. Get your fame up
Lil Wayne, bruh... In a Mansion. Finally famous like a must
Two Midgets in the trunk got the whole car banging 
When I ride by niggas say hi, look at 'em like aha, na na bye bye Bring the pain make it rain to the the same young man 
Who spit that High five...
Lil Chuckee
Girl you know you lucky
To be standing next to a millionaire i’m on my way to a billion, yeah
Im gone
Im gone
Yeah im in my zone 
Tell me would I be wrong if I hit you ALL in your head with a bone
Dreads Braided To The Back
Young Money Baby. Similac
Car red like a philly hat ..if it’s about money I can get with that
Yes. I am a beasssst
My shirt is in the creasssssee

Chuck no chucky cheese .. Y.M.C.M.B.. Aw man please tell me you can read 

Go so hard all these niggas wanna clone me
Is you crazy, Is you crazy
Is you crazy
Go so hard .. Niggas wanna clone me
Is you crazy, is you crazy
Is you crazy

I ain't done. I ain't da one
Take your career in the hand dum
Give me some beats ..i’m your man
Everybody loves me like Raymond
Exept 4 da ones that hate him
Mmm.. I see why yall hate him

Go so hard all dese niggas wanna clone me
Is you crazy, Is you crazy 
Is you crazy 
Go so hard .. All these Niggas wanna clone me
Is you crazy, is you crazy 
Is you crazy 

Twap or die

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