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Verse 1: Trisket
Imma baller
Not with a hoop
Imma baller
Not one that shoot
Come get the scoop
Worldwide news
Something new
Rapstar too
Riding around bicycle
Fuck riding around in a coop
I'm sick , get the soup
Give yo nigga that 2
Then just might invite my tool
Pussy wet ,like a pool
I stay fit eating, but not vegetables
Man I'm unstable
I just might rape you
Shit out grey poo
Weed lime green dude
So high you can't find me ,hide and seek boo

Verse 2: Lil JJ
Uh, Kush in the swisher
Money over bitches
Crip walking up, send him back with stitches
All about F.M.E's business
Bitch, I got the AK, strapped on my back
I sell every thing, except fucking crack
Crips walking up, Bloods don't walk back
Crips walking up, Bloods attack
Yeah, shot out my Trisket
I like my pussy warm, like a out-of-the-oven biscuit
Called up ya bitch, asked if she wanna kick it
Yeah, My Life So Hard, it came & went
Just bought a mansion, damn, that was Two mill well spent
Uh, I'm gone

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