Lil JJ – Upgrade You Lyrics

Produced By: LilSquad

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Skinnies On, Chucks on, with a TRUKFIT Hat
Keep runnin' yo mouth, see my baseball bat'
Pussy niggas move aside, Fresh Money has arrived
No one wanna fight me, everyone that has died
I be on that trippy shit, bitches call me Juicy J
I love me some pussy, so you know that I ain't gay
Fresh Money, F.M.E, bitch ya better say the name
It's my crew all day, everyone else is lame
Ha!, Blood Gang, red flag, red as a tomato
I will peel ya skin off, you are a potato
Uh, I like wet pussy, no dry ho
Put a gun to ya damn head, so die ho
Damn, I be saying crazy shit
Damn, ya girl call ya baby dick
Yeah, the album bout to ship out
A Nigga wanna fight me, I ain't bout to wimp out
Uh, & Stone kings til I see god's light
She gone pull that pussy out, Man I'm about to bite
Yeah, Fresh Mula, BITCH!

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