Lil Mase – Team On Lyrics

Produced By: Lil Mase

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First I get my money right
And then I get my Team on
First I get my money right
And then I get my Team on

[1st Verse]
Welcome home, welcome home
Where you been dog tell me where you been
I watch over the city now but tell me where you been
There's a very small progression now but has there ever been?
And these artists are still garbage I could point you to the bin
But I'm making my own beats
Damn I'm making my own beats

Why pay for the infrastructure your paving your own streets
Okay now so fuck what you say now kapeesh?
I made my sound and my style and I did it all in a week
Nigga freedom
The definition of freedom

This is definitely my creed
No longer and my struggle bug trying to fit the needs of
Whack ass producers who's beats is out of season
Scared of ambition all of the reasons you are not flame
See the higher level but can't reproduce the octane
I guess that's why I'm feeling real selfish
That's why I freestyled this till I felt this


[2nd Verse]
Gold, gold, gold
I just struck gold
I was digging for platinum but I just struck gold
Record label just hit me said I just went gold
Where the fuck is my check nigga it needs more of O's
We keeping all this you just do more shows
Would join Illuminati but they Klu Klux closed
Bootleg rappers with these nubuck flows
They be crowding up the scene but I still get over
Yeah I still get over

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