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Bits by bits
Lil pio ft. Justin bieber

I feel brand new
I built myself bits by bits
It took me forever to know who I am
Come on
(lil pio)
Muh dang crazy days
I have hit the ground
So many pieces are around
Some are lost and to be found
You know I have been torn down
I was born and raised in this town
Power energize me
Girls can't stop thinkin of me
People have been neglectful
I have been protectful
But they were times when I had to pick up my
Shattered pieces
I feel brand new
I feel, I feel brand new
I built myself bits by bits
It took me forever to find out
Who I really am
Come on yeaaa
(lil pio)

Haha whoe
Feelinn changed, feelin brand new
Im the new singer everyone will love
Yea, ill be ight when it comes to hurt
But i still stand back and do my thang
I think for tha better so i dont mess up again!!
Ohhh baby yeeeeeea
All i can say is..

I feel like a new man
I feel, I feel brand new
I feel like I can be the almighty
I started out by picking my pieces bits by bits
(end of song)

JB- man this song is great lil pio!!! Keep it up

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