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Lil' Snupe!, man, I came a long way, Rest in peace my nigga Coupe, Rest in peace my nigga Iggie believe that
I remember bein' dead broke!, shit in my pocket, now I got them hunnits nigga!

Lemme' tell you about the way I live!, This shit is real!
Niggas is gettin' killed you can't survive in this field!
I remember bein' dead broke, bitches was laughin'
But now I pull up with windows up in that Aston
We be smokin' on that loud shit!, me and Omelly
He told me fuckin' kill em'!, gon' put on for your city
I told him that I got it!, Nigga I get it poppin'
I started out with nothin' but now I see straight profit
Its D.C nigga, lil' kids wanna be me, I'm headed to the T.V. nigga
My Round K smith tell me boy you be shining, I told em' all this shit came from all them nights I was grindin'
I used to pray up to the lord, that shit'll get right, man I was broke I wanted shit that was tight
My momma ain't have no money, she was workin' at night
But now I'm catchin' all of these flights, I'm really livin' that life!
I know my momma look up in the sky, like wow
Only thing I ever wanted to do was make my momma smile
Now when I look up in her face, I know that she proud
Nigga I'm turnin' up!, No way that I'm turnin' down!
Nigga I'm turnin' up!, and I ain't turnin' down!
For all the people who down talk me, look at me now!
Nigga look at me now, I say I'm turnin' up!
And I ain't turnin' down!, Fuck you thought nigga?
I ain't turnin' down, If you down talk me, then look at me now!
Tell em' look at me now, I say I'm turnin' up! and I ain't turnin' down!

[Not part of the song]
I just wanted to say Rest In Peace to the freestyle king, Lil' Snupe you are gone, but you will NEVER be forgotten

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