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I use to tote a .38; I tote that AK-47
In my crack days; in my rap days

[Hook: Lil Wayne]
I use to tote a .38 up in my crack days [x2]
I tote that AK-47 in my rap days [x2]

I use to tote a .38
I tote that AK-47 in my rap days
I use to tote a .38 up in my crack days
I tote that Ak-47

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
I'm too fly, can't stay up in my bat cave
Hello, say goodbye when the gat wave
Hold on to your surf board when the gat wave
Homie, you can be deleted like backspace
I'm comin' through like a fax page
I'm just a gorilla in a unlatched cage, I peel off like black tape
Weed & Syrup, good combination like a cracked safe
Uhmm, real nigga in the buildin', where the Cris at?
I got them twins with me, you know, click-clack
I got them M's with me, you know, big stacks
I stay on the right side when that bridge crack
Cash Money, everything understood, everybody hop on a Lil Wayne that could
Haha, Hollygrove, that's my hood, Eagle Street is where I stood, boy!


[Verse 2: Mack Maine]
See When I Saw My First Murder When I Was Only 7
4 Years After That, I Did My First 2-11
A 2-11 That Turned To A 1-87

The Block Wad Dialing 9-11 For The 4-11
We Left The 7-11, Lookin' Like 9-11

They Skipped The Doctor And Ambulance And They Called The Reverend
See That Was Then Homie, And This Is Now Breadren
I'm This Close From Copin' The Porshe 9-11
The 9-11, That's The Reason For My AR
The M-14 Is For My Nigga JR

See I Don't Feel Too Many Rappers Cause' They Are
Softer Than Girls In Catholic School

Yaw Boyz Rap Like Ya'll Went To Actin' School
I Thank, My Beef, The Guns Show Em' Gratitude
Young Money, whether we're traveling or not, we pack a tool
Why N.W.A., them Niggas With Attitudes


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