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"One big room full of bad bitches"

[Verse 1]
Fu got the weed, Marl got the gun
They say numbers don't lie bitch, I'm not the one
Hammers in your face, this is not a dream
And you're getting every page of this magazine
Bumping UGK, we talking about a murder
We roll the Dr. J and then we light the Julius Erving
I got pussy on the way and pussy on the way out
Life is a beach and these hoes trying to lay out
Tunechi, Tunechi, tote the toolie, fuck around and pop ya
My homies got that white girl, call it Lady Gaga
Glock 4-tini, nina colada, suck, swallow, semen saliva
I'm going at your collar, fuck you ho niggas
Weezy go hard, you bitches go figure
Diamonds in my teeth like I'm a fucking dope dealer
You're a dead man walking: Michael Jackson Thriller
I'm in one big room, full of bad bitches..

It goes: Tunechi, Tunechi
Tote the tool he fuck around and pop ya
My homies got that white girl, call it Lady Gaga

[Verse 2]
Back where I started on my set, in black
All chrome Glock looking like a platinum plaque
Don't pack extra clips, we pack extra Gats
And all my hoes dirty like welcome mats
'til the wheels fall off: I can fix a flat
If you're scared go to church and get a scripture tat
Guns the size of children now, don't be childish
Be with wild-ass niggas and I am the wildest
I'm a motherfucker, call me Weezy baby
And on the end of the barrel I got a sweet potato
My life is a movie, I got a leading lady
My rooftop drop back like Tom Brady
I got the world in my hands, skateboard and my Vans
And all my boys stay strapped like we live in Iran
I know what I can do, so bitch I do what I can
Drop the Sorry 4 the Wait, man, I'm just saying..

I'm in one big room, full of bad bitches..
Tunechi baby!

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