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Ah Listen

Just listen yo
If it's your friend or foe
Just listen to them you don't need to know
If its your sister or your bro
Will you do this I dont know
When You walk in the club people listen to you
Cause they respect what you do
Every single thing you say is true
You tell me things I never knew
Yeah I got a swag you could kill for
Every day there's a reporter at front door
My life's a mess on the dance floor
I need someone by my side or else I'm out the front door
Stunned roar
Game 6
Kid I know all your tricks
YouTube Twitter say what you like
Well y'all it's copyright
Death threats it beddy bie
Guess its time to kiss the world goodbye

So fly
I'm the guy
And now I'm flighing so high
I'm the one that your looking at
These lines are the ones that I spat
Now I'm flat
Just Like a mat
A message have I topped that
Just listen
To the music
Just listen to me
Just listen
To the music
Just listen to my song

Everyday I listen to you
Cause I respect what you do
You can never take my pride
Never stop my stride
I worked my way up and I swam against the tide
I want you to do the same
Blur out the pain
Use you ears and let it rain
Go insane
Dont refrain 
I swore that I would change the game
Burst on the scene on YouTube
The place in the sun chillax grooves two
I don't quite what to do
Someone tell Sanchez I miss you
If I'm going down then your coming with me
I've tried and tried and still you can't see
Grab the mic and song come with
Testing testing 123
Yall Move back I got the key
I know I'm all you see
My face screams honesty
When I'm down I turn it around
You see me smile you see me frown
But I'mma keep listening to the sound
Cause no ones ever gonna take my crown


I'm rising
I'm shining
I'm striving
Ain't Lying
I'm growing
Your slowing
Your going
You know it
This clown can't rap
He can't even tap to the beat
In his head he's thinking
Oh snap
Orfords got style
Like a roof and tyle
He strate of the dial
Now hes screaming die all
I'm the best that they'll ever be
From Replace down to Destiny
You ain't even seen best of me
I'm song writing recipe
I'm B I G your lough out loud
Follow my lead I'll make proud
Collaborate let's make a sound
I'll show you of like show and tell
Kicked me down and I got back up
Listened to the music cause it's all I got
Now I'm brighter than the sun
Better think twice before use that gun
My life ain't all that fun
But I went from a to a number one
I ain't done
So you beta run
Music is like my son
It's now or never 
Feel as light as a feather
We'll do this together
Listening forever
I see your your heart and I see your soal
That's how I know i'll achieve my goal
Feel the base from the club to the pharmacy
Listening in perfect harmony


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