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Ay man, I'm, I'm walkin' on South Beach the other day, right
You know the Memorial Day weekend shit thing

Yeah, so they got a nigga come up to me with a video camera, right
And you know motherfuckers come up to me with cameras every day so I don't be trippin'

All day every day you know what I mean?
So you know what this nigga asked me?
"Yo, can I battle you on camera?"
I was like, "Dawg, how much we gon' make for this?"

You, you really think, yo, yo

For all you niggas thinkin' y'all can see me and think it's really a game
Cause I'm from the south or don't really be boastin' and braggin' 'bout that flow and shit
Dawg I got this shit, dawg, you niggas think you could fuck with me?

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