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They wanna lock me up and throw away the key
I wanna pop em up and throw away the heat
I don't play and when I do I play for keeps
I'm from the jungle where the lion eat the sheep
Yeah, Bubba just come home from the penitentiary
When I see him, I'mma put him in the Bentley
Young Carter, what it is what it isn't?
Deep water, my sign say gone fishing
I'm a wizard, poof, my top missing
Let the sky in, and tell the bitch kiss it
I sip Big Mo, I drank Pimp C
Never put the cup down [never put the cup down]
Bitch I'm from Uptown, I said Uptown
Well life's a Nasty Bitch, ass bust down
Ask what now? and the answer never differs
Little Weezy is that nigger

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