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You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you got sideburns and a vintage tee
I said you ain't artiser than me
Cuz you pluck a guitar, that ain't fuckin bizarre
You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you live in Los Feliz, bitch you ain't Jesus
You ain't artsier than me
I got a colorful vocab, watch the low jab

[Verse 1]
So what you're vegan?
It shows in your presence, you be geekin'
And you been seekin' the same light
Speakin' of game like the enemy, hang tight
I got a tail about 6 foot 1 by infinity
Full of sun, rain & potential energy

All you saw were the K-Swiss
Clean, crisp, creased jeans means this

So you thought and dipped
My walks hip, thoughts; hipper
Unzip the zipper
No I don't wear hemp or drink liquor
And that don't make me the man, just a little bit sicker
Spit kicker with an eye for the big dipper
From an island cliff emerges a loud whisper
And I'm proud of this, it's my art
You doin yoga just to look the part

You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you chop up breaks and you dig in the crates
You ain't artsier than me
You just a trendy lesbian, dreadlock thespian
You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you make weed brownies and knit wool hats
You ain't artsier than me
You pseudo-elitist old-school sap

[Verse 2]
Don't let an 808 scare ya
Shake stripes off your shirt and clear the whole area
I'm a humanoid too
And if you're cool with me then I'll look past the void in you
Instead of through
I'm down with VW's and flossed-out caddys on 22's too
I bang for good
Fools, kill for nothin'
I build for somethin'
Family and peace

Hand me the piece
I'll hit it, I'm social

Hear my opinion
I'm proud, I'm vocal
Local in a foreign place
More digital than dusty
But trust me, I be tourin' space
You be whorin' at a comfortable pace
You be skippin a chore to jump in a race
I be bumpin my bass like you collect comics
I'm not weird, I'm honest

You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you only read books, don't watch T.V
You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you shop at Whole Foods in open-toed shoes
You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you speak real soft and drink Chai tea
You ain't artsier than me
I recycle too, I'm kinda like you

[Verse 3]
I just look cleaner, grown demeanor
Wear deodorant, registered voter
And a tree hugger too
Not in these clothes
Me lova you but it's gotta be both ways
Most days I'm earthy, stay grounded
Often it's a paper chase, I'm well-rounded
Straight to face, townish
It's all boundless
I make it sound universally dope
Overcome adversity, reshape the worst of me
Do it for the love and release it commercially
Like a blockbuster started at Sundance
Can't stop man you only get one chance
Presentation is key, hesitation ain't see
Innovation is my A-R-T
Dedication is free, occupation is me
Innovation is my A-R-T

You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you drive a hybrid and carpool with three
You ain't artsier than me
Cuz you a 16th Mexican, you ain't ethnic
you ain't artsier than me
You just a broke ass poet with the same old cadence
You ain't artsier than me
We was conscious first, welcome to Earth

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