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[Hook: LMFAO (x2)]
Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
Everybody just have a good time

We just wanna see you...
Shake that!

[Verse 1: LMFAO]
In the club: party rock
Looking for your girl? She on my jock
Non stop when we in the spot
Booty moving weight like she on the block
Where the drank? I gots to know
Tight jeans, tattoo, cause I'm rock and roll
Half-black, half-white: domino
Game the money out the door
Yoooo!! I’m running through these hoes like Drano
I got that devilish flow rock and roll no halo, we party rock!
Yeah, that’s the crew that I’m repping
On the rise to the top, no lead in our zeppelin, hey!!!

[Hook x2]

Everyday I’m shufflin
Shufflin, shufflin

[Verse 2: LMFAO]
Step up fast and be the first girl to make me throw this cash
We get money don’t be mad, now stop - hatin' is bad
One more shot for us (Another round!)
Please fill up my cup (Don’t mess around!)
We just wanna see (You shake it now!)
Now you wanna be (You're naked now!)

[Bridge: Lauren Bennett]
Get up get down put your hands up to the sound [X3]
Put your hands up to the sound [X2]
Get up [X9]
Put your hands up to the sound
To the sound
Put your hands up !!!!!


Ooooh (x4)
Everyday I'm shu-shufflin'

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