Logic – Highs & Lows Lyrics

Produced By: Shamel bryant

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"Yo, this joint here, is for all my homies that I got. You know what I'm sayin', smoke to this joint, vibe out be cool. Created a little soundtrack for when they high."

[Verse 1: Logic]
You used to hate it, now you love it
Smile in my face, I think nothing of it

Yeah I'll shake ya hand, kill 'em with kindness
Homie, this is Young Sinatra at his fuckin' finest
So spark it up, and get lifted
Please check the rappin', you know that I'm gifted
Pretty perfume, I love to sniff it
She love the stick, and the way I shift it
Automatic, in the rain
Switchin' lanes, like I switched dames

Bitches love it, and I don't know why
Maybe cuz they, so god damn high
Smoking on that green, got my mind faded
Sleeping on my dreams, that's until I made it (Logic)
Cuz' Bitches want it (Logic)
And women need it (Logic)
MC's, we leave 'em depleted (Logic)

[Hook: Logic] x2
Yeah you know we fly, never fallin'
Well rounded, so you know we ballin'
Women love us, fella's hate us
I ain't perfect, but I know that I'm one of the greatest

[Verse 2: Logic]
So I'm back again, like I never left
If you really wanna get it girl we can meet up, high price hotel most def
It's official make that pussy whistle, like a ref

And if I die tonight, what a sweet death
So I'm living large, supersize
If you want beef, I'mma leave you fries

Complimentary suits, complimentary rides
It's all free, no charge like my phone died

I remember times, highschool
Chasing dimes, like a fool

Smoking bud, Sticky Icky
Only fuck with dank, Yeah your boy was picky
If the bag was light, Told 'em call me Ricky
Cuz' you got some explaining to do!

Then we would kick it, with some pretty girls
Skipping school, making music for the whole world (Logic)

[Hook: Logic] x2

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