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[Verse 1 - Los]
Okay my work out devastating it petrify haters
I personally train amazing then I exercise greatness

You ain't shit my set repping when its war on
I have two niggas pushup and show you four arms
Wh-wh-what you boys on I pull up in the latest car
Ya'll niggas ain't doing squat that's why you never raised a bar
My ring work like Mayweather with a steady jab
And my chain swing like Pacquiao on a heavy bag

My jeweler my cut man,Your girlfriend my stuntman
She jump off on camera,Legs spread like the jump man

Im on the run,Damn you dont see how hard I go
Jumping in and out of ropes you dont see my cardio

Audio killer I play the assassin role
Ya'll niggas Degrassi, I'm more like Degrassi no
You about to have me go,Dress up in my granny clothes
Hop up out that wheelchair and snipe you off your patio

Your girl a pistachio I dont give a fuck about her
Only see what's cracking with her just to get that nut out her

Gun powder,bullet shells,leather gloves,knuckles out
Zero in and take that shot shootings what the fuck im about

Luck is out it's all skill no bluffing out that war pill
Suckers out leave substance gushing out his skull still
Heart filled with rage and terror,Body every punchline

Put me in a cage with lions I'm gone think it's lunch time
Front line soldier shit knee cap shoulder hits
Marksman with the flow chip your tooth if its over bit

It's over with elite flow boom bam finito
Got wrapped in a bag,Cool ranch doritos

Your favorite rapper cool but I'm 30 more below
I show a little muscle like a Jersey Shore guido
I hurt your little ego fuck around and get rocked to sleep
Rappers can't get at me it feel like I locked my tweets
I got you bitches accepted just like a DM
Cause I ain't got to mention you but you still get the message

My shit perfected get your weapon if you scared nigga
You a trick I'm on my strick and Trina you don't know Nair nigga
Yeah nigga I'm talking to you nigga
Look you in your eye,your heart a fall in your shoe nigga
Y-y-you niggas try Los never a smart choice
I promise you boo-boo Kevin Hart voice

Aw boy I done went to rock them, sock them mode
Knock him out his shoes and socks I'm on his heels like doctor soles
Lock and I loadcock and I pop-pop-pop until the shots in the top of his flow
Locking his block and I'm clocking his dough like I'm Dropping the rocks in the pot on the stove

Dr-dr-droping the top and im clocking his ho
Put my foot in his ass until his pockets is low
Then I'm airing him out until his oxygen low

Bitch niggas step up a notch in your flow
Cause you not on my level stop jocking me ho
Stop watching me prophecy probably says
Them niggas that's top on me probably did
But you can get properly shot in the head

(BLAAAOOOOW) Now what makes you never heard no shit this sick before
A-n-r’s bring your pistols we gone have a bidding war

I mean fuck else I got to say best rapper alive every body else died today

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