Ludacris – My Chick Bad Remix Lyrics

Produced By: The Legendary Traxster

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[Hook - high-pitched]
My chick bad, my chick hood
My chick do stuff that your chick wish she could
My-my chick bad, my chick hood
My chick do stuff that your chick wish she could
My-my chick bad, badder-badder than yours
My-my chick bad, badder-badder than yours
My-my-my chick bad, badder-badder than yours
My-my chick bad, badder-badder than yours

[Ludacris - over Hook]
Yeah, ha ha (you're right.. you're right)
The "pussy rules the world" version
You ready? Let's go! Ha
I got a all-star lineup for y'all, right (this 32)
But I'mma start off in Atlanta, Georgia (you know I gotcha)
We gon' give you some new blood
Diamond, holla at 'em baby!

[Diamond] + (Ludacris)
Ride or die chick with a pocket full of relish (hey!)
Jimmy Choo fetish keep me fresh like lettuce
Bitches get jealous, cause I'm quite cocky
Since 14 ain't nann ho stop me
Money, I get it on the tracks I spit it
That's why the credit cards don't come with no limits (OHH!)
Y'all just don't get it, a crib with no tenants
Walk through closets like I'm walkin out of Lennox
Now that's Swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion
Roll with bad bitches and they all look Brazilian
These niggas can't leave me, I swear they can't leave me
Ass so fat and the pussy like Fiji


[Ludacris - over Hook]
Ha, OHH!
Yeah, yeah, WOO!
We gon' take it from the hood of Atlanta, Georgia
Down to the hoods of Miami, Florida

What up Trina?
Holla at 'em baby, let's GO!

[Trina] + (Ludacris)
I'm Da Baddest Chick and they don't call me that for nothin (nope)
Diamond Princess straight VVS stuntin
Light gray eyes, hourglass frame
Still got the crown for best ass in the game (woo!)
Hips of a goddess, watch how I throw 'em
So good it make him wanna tattoo my lips on him (ahh!)
I'm so bad and I rep that hood
Pussy stay wet, sex so good
Ten years strong, you should act like you know me
Head so fire make you do the hokey-pokey (woo!)
A good stroke in and a good stroke out (okay)
Now that's what I'm all about
I'm Da Baddest


[Ludacris - over Hook]
{*laughs*} Yeah! OHH!
Woo! ... Okay
We gon' take it from Miami
We gon' travel north, 'til we get to Philly, right?

And we gon' stop in Philly
We gon' holla at my girl E-V-E
Let's GO!

[Eve] + (Ludacris)
Yeah I took a couple years off, came back still bustin
Still reppin Philly, still the Eve of Destruction (yeah)
Still pushin buttons that'll do away the roof
Still walkin 'round with five thousand dollar boots (woo!)
So when I'm in the club, your chicks get jealous
Cause I'm that bitch and still keep a mean fetish (OHH!)
Still stack lettuce, huh, still stack cheese
And I got a bad temper, tell your nigga say p-lease (ha ha ha)
Cause this is for the G's, never for the busters
So put your diamond rings on and get yourself a hustler
Better yet a customer, guaranteed to buy it
Sick from them lips, caramel, wanna try it?


[Ludacris - over Hook]
Yes, ha ha... OHH!
And I'm lovin it, HEY!
Let's go, all my chicks are bad
All my chicks is hood
All my chicks is better than yours, AH!

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