Lupe Fiasco – Crack Lyrics

Produced By: DJ Simon Says

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I got that killer shit, I got that killer shit

[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
Killer shit
Villainous hero don't give a shit
Hancock, Will Smith

Adrenaline, with a twist
Take pride that I'm so Chi

These young bucks just a nuisance
To my sidekicks
This shit here like magic

Yeah, this here like magic
Abracadabra: rabbits

No hook but so hooked
Take a crack at my habits
Neutron but too bomb
Did it all with no tablets
It's a write off if it costs right
Get your light blue
And the off white

[Hook: Chris Brown]
I ain’t fucking with you come on, noooo
Baby all you wanna do is hit it, hit it
Get it, get it, get it
Make me lose my mind girl
I can see that I ain’t fucking with you
Come on, noooo, yeah-eh
Baby all you wanna do is hit it, hit it
Get it - bang, bang, bang
Fuck me real good tell me that you'll never let me go

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
No fares, dope fiends
Don't try that nose sting
Police, watch them
And they red lights, they got rocks and
Code D, codeine
Call it James Dean, James Dean
Say watch that, watch that
You might die driving the same thing
See that shit?
Triple entendre no accident
[Might crash on ?]
Contact if you catch a whiff
[? stack of bricks]
Like 10 rocks crush it up and don't touch it up
While you undercut
All of you here to fuck it up
Nigga let 'em hit it, ruh
Send it through our system
[Like a car antenna]


[Verse 3: Lupe Fiasco]
Set fire to the crops
Freebase crack rock
[That's your girl, ?]
By any means, I get it clean
One last hit and that's it


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