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[Hook x2]
Imagine how it would be
To be at the top making cash money
Go and tour all around the world
Tell stories about all the young girls

[Verse 1]
?, 'bout to go down
Arms won’t ?, pocket full of pounds
Text up Mags, tell him we in town
Call up Sway, tell him to come round
Show sold out, so get on down
Bungalow 8, where we go now?
Estelle in the house, twins are too
279 on the ones and twos
And the house is now insane
Look around might see ? and ?
Feelin real ? give a pound to Jane
And hurry because ? shout my name
Aw mane get us back to Hiro
Man look how far back my seat go
Goyard bag just full of beach clothes
Cause the next show right on the seashore

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Now we down under, 'bout to make it jump
Sydney’s prettiest fans in the front

Hip-hop show but act like it’s punk
1500s drop the beat at once
Came for one show might stay for a month
Exchange rate sucks make sure everything’s spent
No time to pack, now we in the crunch
Leave it all behind, be in Paris by brunch
We’ll just re-up and say ?
Dior and Mastermind is on me
Hit Generation drop a couple frees
Later that night everybody say oui!
(Yes!) Bocu merci
Right after that is when we flee
Madison Square, New York City
Kick it with Ed Lover, flirt with Angie
Let’s go!

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
We missed the cheap steaks and other Americanas
Stop in Chicago just to kiss my momma
Now everybody hop back on the bus
Whole bunch of models chasing behind us

'Til the dinner supper everybody go nuts
Especially in Houston, Bun B whatup?
The whole west coast really give me a rush
Seattle shown up ?
Take a break in Maui, rent out a villa
Then lean back up I’m a passport killa

Pop up in Japan like my name was Godzilla
With the whole swagger clean having ? taking pictures
Yeah and who knows where we are next?
Just keep your fingers crossed 'til you see our jet
In my Trilly Truly jeans and my DRX
Keep your hands in the air, better be impressed
Now let’s go!


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