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I swear; I see this nigga; I'mma kill him
I'm going to kill him so make a nigga suffer
Ya know what I'm saying

My man said life ain't easy
When niggas gotta eat that's when shit gets greasy
Streets be all like "Feed me, feed me"
When niggas gotta eat that's when shit gets greasy
My man said life ain't easy
When niggas gotta eat that's when shit gets greasy

[Verse 1]
Hey, he had a whole lotta cheese
Plus he was a mac had a whole lotta seeds
Made a lot of niggas fat, gave a whole lotta G's
Grams, man, he had a whole lotta these
And he would let you hold, like, a whole lotta keys
Even if you lose some he would give you new ones

Twice the bread, it's like he had two buns
And he had a whole lotta seeds
Even his kids had meals for reals
Some rich small fries wrapped in paper since they was lil

Catch up, nigga


[Verse 2]
He was a heart breaker and a law shaker
If it was bout caking, he was a partaker
International, he would take trips, bon voyage
That's how hard he was fishing for the chips

So greedy he never gave to the needy, that's what some say
The way he shunned all the bums hanging in the subways
He called them fruits, then laughed at 'em

Delivery man on the pick-up drive through and throw a bag at 'em
And it was hard to understand him sometimes
Making a killing the way he had 'em standing in line


[Verse 3]
Lovers call him king, haters call him clown
He would say "bite me, that's the way it's going down"
He was having thoughts that maybe he should retire
Went to Church on a Sunday and saw a deep friar
Said he had beef and people want him dead
He loved the hungry ones, was only scared of the feds
He lived the fast life, couldn't get his path right
Friar just told him 'bout the hooters that he had last night
Turned himself in to the paddy wagon, said no
Bacon wouldn't take him, half the pigs on the payroll


To be continued on another menu, ya dig?
Will he give up his life of crime or will he stay?
This, and other adventures on Lupe Fiasco's next album L.U.P.E.N.D
(Yoo!... so stupid)

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