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[Verse 1: Lupe Fiasco]
So I think you had enough
What up Chuck? FNF up
RKF tux, adjust my cuffs
John Lennon Chucks, Independent Trucks
Yup, a little bit of dust
Brush my shoulder
Plus, a little bit of church

Uh, I showed you
Just a little bit of what can happen
If you open up your eyes and imagine
Expand your horizons with rhyming and rapping
Quit rapping and rhyming bout coke and supplying
And clapping is anyone out there or are y'all all absent?

[Hook: Gorillaz]
Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last living souls?
Are we the last to get away
To some another day?
Or do we know why we love?
Doesn't seem to be conveyed that way
Are we the

[Verse 2: Lupe Fiasco]
Fahrenheit 1/15 part III
One time to the FNF army
After party in the Angel Nights RV
Don't forget your cell phones and car keys
Don't forgot to tip the valet where you park please
I wish you well
Good night, drive safe, A Rhyming Ape t-shirts on sale

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