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[Verse 1 - Young Jeezy]
Ah, ah, oh my God
All this for me, I must be on my job
First album was a classic, never got an award
Took my first 10 grand and bought a Honda Accord
And then I pack them thangs inside the Honda Accord
And put them on a highway and watch the Honda Accord
"Excuse me engineer, hope you pressing record"
And on behalf of the streets, I just can't be ignored
I stay in all black just like a new Glock
All the broads screaming like they just seen 2Pac
Say his earrings 'bout as big as his ego
Keep a fresh bald head like he just left chemo
Yes, it ain't mine, this is Lupe's single
And every time I watch The Wire, it's like I just left B-More
Call me Marlo, come be my Snoopy
Superstar, baby, why wouldn't you do me

[Hook - Mathew Santos]
If you are what you say you are
A superstar
Then have no fear
The camera's here
And the microphones
And they wanna' know

[Verse 2 - Lupe Fiasco]
You on your 15th minute of fame and on the 16th
Beginith the lame, and on 17 you lose everything
The 21st is the worst, wishing you was 11
Popping like you was 7
with the feeling when you was seconds
Reminiscing when you was just in

Now you just him, no longer the trend they dressin'
Now you wondering where all the press went
You no longer impress them
Get arrested, paparazzi will press then

I fell on purpose to stay a freshman
I lose, but Lu attend the school for X-Men
So when I get my cap and gown and put the rapping down
I'll only know half my powers, but I spent half an hour

Like a senior citizen, having a baby shower
Haters wanna budget, but my fans still love it
So you can ask them exactly who I are
Nine weeks at number one, I'm a superstar

[Hook - Matthew Santos]

[Verse 3 - T.I.]
Anyone who know me, they know me to ride
But when the shit was selling slow, it's just my homies and I
Had to get rid of all the phonies and the homies' disguise
So you speaking and I don't reply, homie, don't be surprised

You ain't gotta ride for me, I ain't asked you to
Take a journey on my own, I would gladly do
You go and turn around, now, I call a cab for you
I stand up on my own two, he kissed a ass of who
No way, Jose, we pop Rose, blow dro, that's more than okay
See but don't say, my folks they flip, more yay than Cirque Du Soleil
Kaiser Soze, oh they, kill people and get off like O.J
You catch your case, just shut your face, don't get caught singing do-re
, ghetto hero, G Code. I obey
He's so gay. Didn't have no business hanging 'round me, no way
It's okay, life lesson learned, I suggest that you go your way
I be straight, no conversation, man, this all I'm gon say

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