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Yeah that's right that's right
Green lantern what up?
If y'all know me out there, I go by the name of uh uh lupe! fiasco
And I'm from a little city in the midwest y'all mighta heard of it, it's called chicago mayne
And I'm from the west side of that city
ya know what I'm talkin about and I roll wit a crew by the name of F&F first and fifteenth so I guess I gotta do my little, my little thing right? right about.. now..


Catch me I'm ballin
Catch me I'm ballin
Catch me like spalding
Catch me like rawlings
If he pmd'd the MC
Vitamin like GNC
can't see me like B-I-G
On C-M-T

Then a little bit of time on B-M-G
But this right here homie, this all me

Can you be down? naw nigga C-M-B
That's cold that ain't ice G so what though?
Little homie remind me of ice T uh

By the way we share the same birthday
The word play is work but pimpin is EZ
So catch me I'm ballin
I'm sick two of you?
Catch me like coughin back when I said you should catch me like rawlings? it's cool cuz most cats I bump into can't catch me that often
Most times they just end up fallin
Ball for a few then end up walkin

Catch me in the ball when a cinderella Waltzing
And I do it until it's no longer exclusive
Might go once, might go twice but never three times like I auctioned to it
See I, walk into it, I do my thang and tell the owner that it's cool to let y'all into it
Ha ha

Lupe! fiasco uh remember the name mayne
F&F up.. green lantern what up baby? yeah
That's right gotta another album comin soon man
Holla at me

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