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Niggas get their thoughts together
Hey! Look over here! I'm open!
Pass it!
Right? Yeah

Pass the weed motherfucker!
Hey Mr. babysitter would you look at all them ashes?
The blunt's going out, is you ever gonna pass it?
Rat bastard it's always you
Sneaking extra hits--I wanna get high too!
Don't lie fool, I see it in your eye
Aight--how come I don't look that high?
Cause you've been smoking more than I
(Hey man we need some more weed!)
Hmm I wonder why?
Hey man what's this all on it? Slob?
Nigga, quit giving the blunt a blowjob

Always cutting, trying to show stop
Oh you get an extra hit just because we at your spot?
I need some more pot cause this ain't kosher
Call Rich the Factor cause I need dozier
Man you know what? You can take your Swisher Sweet to the face
I'mma go get me a Backwood and roll me an eighth

[Hook (x2):]
Hit it two times and pass
(Can I smoke with you?)
Hit it two times and pass
(That's what you're supposed to do)

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