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[Mac Lethal]
Yo, that girl's an assassin
I mean, that girl's an assassin
Uh, let's go. What'd she say to you?

[Verse 1]
[Joe Good]
Man, I think she was sent to kill
With a pack of dirty diapers and her Enfamil
Plus, laid up for nine months of labor
Now she cain't dump her 18 years of paper
Makin' all what my style affords (right)
I make it known in my child support (right)
Put it in a slot, gotta drop a quarter
Shopping in my pockets 'til I'm out of order
[Mac Lethal]
Do you wanna take another picture, because I think you should
I think you should leave for good and try to hold another piece of my epiphany inside you
How does it feel? You got a litany to guide you
I jot a love letter
I got a much better grip on the lung pressure (can't breathe)
My competitor is a fit to kiss
Now my little daughter wanna make her mama shift her hips
[Joe Good]
If you want a set a twins, it could take a hour
(Here) Sniff a bag of this baby powder
(Yeah) Fuck a collar, you could pop a kernel
You were in it for the dollars, you were not maternal
[Mac Lethal]
Shit. Nocturnal, up all night to shake
We kiss but your hug's all tight and fake
I don't hurt at all because I heard it all
From the girl with the surly, pearly clothes
[Joe Good]
I love my mama with the dirty drawers
Gettin drama with the early calls
She must really wanna get to the mall cause her purse in a bunch
She gotta give me 'til the first of the month, what's up
[Mac Lethal]
Scribble it and curse if I want a little carte-blanche
Insert and I pump until my heart launch
Shut up
Don't you say a word. You got me so disturbed. (Word)

I love my baby's mama, cause she's so sweet and pretty
She wants to take my dollars, so she can leave this city
I love my baby's mama, cause she's so sweet and pretty
She wants to take my dollars, so she can leave this city

[Verse 2]
[Joe Good]
We lust, we loathe, we fuss and fight
'Til death from the touch of a single night
So generous, and sensuous
'Til we got what the good Lord sent to us
We lust, we love
We fuss, we fight
'Til death from the touch of a single night
So generous, so sensuous, right
[Mac Lethal]
Watch when the belly button pops out, please
Just let me babysit, alright?
Talk loud with your razors, spit your spikes
Just don't be a crazy bitch tonight
When the hand that rocks the cradle grips the pipes
Your eyes are a shade of kryptonite
I'll give you an able, kiss and bite
And put you in a subliminal pipe dream
[Joe Good]
I keep it simple with the minimal night steam
She wants the peanut butter, pickles, and ice cream
Two scoops of double dutch fudge
Hey boo, wanna a waffle cone? It's much love
It ain't no thang for my Damey-Dame
Here's a baby cause you're never gonna take my name
I guess, I'm overall burned and turned out
From every "motherfucker" that'll come from her mouth
[Mac Lethal]
Or any motherfucker that'll sit on her couch
Smoke around my little girl and get all cursed out
Hey pop? What, doll? Respect the rock and cock
Look sideways and your neck'll pop and lock
I seen your girl in a sexy halter top
Cuz she's my baby's mama
If you go near my family
You'll be feeling daily trauma

Chorus x 2

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