Mac Miller – Dog Pound Lyrics

Produced By: DJ Dahi

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Above all fuck the law bitch I'm on now
Ride around puffin' loud with the top down
Start a goddamn riot in the compound
Turn the whole room into a dog pound
I ain't no motherfuckin' industry rapper
Just a soul that the industry after

They said I wouldn't make a lot of money no more
Fuck with my money and I'm coming for war

[Verse: Waka Flocka Flame]

Some niggas fuck with me
Cause these fakes won't fuck with me for the check
Loyalty before royalty, my nigga till' the death
Came down wit' em' came up wit' em'

Fuck niggas don't fuck wit' em'
If you in or you out ain't no on and off this bus nigga
Perfect beats, Bugatti I just bought a ten million dollar house
Did it independent now my label wanna help me out
Cause I got it worldwide boy I made it out the south
Guys shy built 250 they ain't want to help me out
Bank account got local bitches they ain't help me out

Grindin' out dropped a mixtape at the tape
Me and southside goin' hard fuck what they say
Fuck this industry I bet these DJs they gon' play SQUAD


[Verse: Mac Miller]

My rappin' cadence is fascinating
This game that I'm calibrating
Have buildings evacuated whenever my name is said
I hate the Federal-lines spending time getting high
Watched over by heaven's eyes protect me from this genocide
Kill the king many tried success is yet to come
When you come across a killer under stress it's best to run
My mind dots with no limits shit a gun is just a gun
When I'm spittin' bone chillin' this ain't shit I'm having fun
You ain't gonna rap like me put a city on the map like me
Sell a beat bring it back like me killing tracks when I'm half asleep
You ain't gonna chase your dreams you ain't never gon' live your life
Fucken movie gonna make a scene sit back let me hit the light
Simple knowledge but it's true don't fuck with me don't fuck with you
What you doing running throughs thats from a view of love and truth
This a business no one gives a shit about you
They gon' fuck you up and go and get this bread without you


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