Mac Miller – Play Ya Cards Lyrics

Produced By: Chuck Inglish

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Uh, yeah, little old school shit

So she came up to me and asked my name
I said it's funky Mac, I don't play no games
If you wanna come home with me tonight
You better play, ya cards, right

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
I came to rock right now
I'm the best and I came to get down
I've been known to rock a microphone
She got a boyfriend but left him home
See I got style, so yes I brag
The things I do just make them mad
Download new pics to my iPad
While your girlfriend look like she's dressed in drags
You a fad, this is forever, ladies in love with my agenda
My name's somethin' these girls remember
She write hers down, return to sender
I don't need it, Vicky she can keep her secrets
One night only, that's how I treat this
Sleep in, bitch please, make me some breakfast
And then leave

[Hook X2]

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
You see I came to rock right now
I'm the best and I came to get down
I've been known to rock a microphone
Girls audition to bring them home
See I might choose, so just go with it

Her mom adores me, dad thinks I'm a nitwit
That don't really matter, I'm a have her fall in love
I need my beauty, brains, booty, and she all of the above
Relationships, I hate that shit
Got one night only, so make it quick
You see me out, wanna take a pic
Fuck me once, wanna date and shit
I ain't that rich, but I got bread
To make a sandwich, get me fed
Decide right now, don't got all night
This the life, so play ya cards right

[Hook X2]

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