Mac Miller – The Mourning After Lyrics

Produced By: Two Fresh

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[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Morning after, my lungs hurt
Eat your pussy just to show you how my tongue works
It's funny how we fucked, but fell in love first

Been three years, I wish I finally trust her
She make me feel like how them drugs work
Itchin' for my fixture when she gone, the love hurts
I just get a temper, I just need somebody I can vent to
Someone get me stoned, be my Emma
Left your lipstick on the glass of your daiquiri
Ruby red usually end up tragically
Work of art, you can be my masterpiece, but you fast asleep

Something 'bout the pain makes me want more
Done a lotta drugs, never felt like this before
I hope one day it all makes sense, it'll all make sense
You can have it all, tell me what you need
Believin' all them silly things you read
I hope one day it all makes sense, one day it'll all make sense

[Verse 2: Mac Miller]
Uhh now she wake up, cryin' while she puttin' on her makeup
Trapped inside her love for me, and no escape for her
You wanna leave say the word, but she can't
Lookin' in my eyes, is everything okay, she lies
Put on her disguise, play it safe

Cause we've been fightin' for the past three weeks
She keep this one inside, she don't wanna seem weak
Strong, baby tell me what's been goin' on, I don't wanna be sober long
So you gotta get me high again,
I got all this money we could try to spend
Until we strung out like a violin,
come back to life, then we die again
Little angel, where's your halo? Somewhere above them horns


You get me high girl, scared to overdose
I don't sleep much, when I do I'm comatose
May I propose a toast?
Someone usually does, to our fucked up love

You get me high girl, scared of overdose
I don't sleep much, when I do I'm comatose
Propose a toast
Someone usually does, to our fucked up love


[Outro: Female]
Don't cry, it's okay, it'll all be over soon

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