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[Intro: Dub-O]
It ain’t what it seems
It ain’t what it seems
It ain’t what it seems

[Hook: Dub-O]
They ask why I do not come round, come round
Cause I’ll be grindin till the sun down, sun down
It ain’t what it seems
It ain’t what it seems
It ain’t what it seems

No, I’m just chasing after my dreams ya'll, I got no friends
Im strung out, strung out so high, I need to come down,come down, come down
It ain’t what it seems
It ain’t what it seems
It ain’t what it seems

[Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]
No, I’m just chasing after my dreams, yo
This my world above the earth service
Where the grass is somehow greener and weathers always perfect
Questionable lifestyle, but they don’t know for certain
That we just don’t give a fuck, cause we condone cursing

I wanna get that dream and live my life
With no Rihanna, no T.I.
,I’m just living for today
No tomorrow, no pause, no comma,
real shit, no persona
I’m enjoying every pussy like a virgin or Madonna

And I took it from the basement, yeah
All the way to first place and I’m feeling good

Need a somebody to save me from the cavemen running my neighborhood
Now I never wanna come back, I don’t wanna touch, smell or feel the crowd
I just wanna live with my alter ego in my world

Well it feels like the world is spinning round, and angels asking if I’ll be coming down
But I don’t know if I wanna do that, because up on this planet is where I grew at


[Bridge: Machine Gun Kelly]
No, I’m just chasing after my dreams ya'll

[Verse 2: Machine Gun Kelly]
My flow powers infinite, with the clouds showers infamy
Cowards devour instantly on every hour literally
But this is our symphony, and when you know it’s time to end with me
Just make sure that when I’m gone my child lives for me
And if we blow let’s talk in show, take another way up there
I’m a man of many moves so in space I’m prepared
Landed in a plane I bust shit I’m already from here
So when I’m classified as alien I don’t care

Peace out to the citizens I’m gone
? and know I’m home
ET from the CLE believe my adrenaline is ready for the long haul
It’s slowly up and out of space get me out of here
Cause when I’m grounded everyone the same every where
Which is why I must be foreign wit it why? cause it’s like most these rappes boring in it So what you saying?
So to keep everybody from snoring in it, I'm a heal the game put neosporin in it

[Hook x 2]

[Outro: Machine Gun Kelly]
Do what you do man, fuck everybody else


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