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[Verse 1:]
Now everyday that I walk outta my building
I see homeless people sleeping and chillin' on the steps to the apartment that I live in

Im not saying everyone is a victim, but the people that I live would treat em more like villains then actual citizens
I walk past a man laying in his own vomit, who gets his food and his garments by digging in the garbage
I beg your pardon. Mr president but I'm a resident and since you've been in office I haven't seen any evidence of things changin'
We go into our Iraq and attack
When got people on the streets without a roof over their backs

We've come to accept the homeless as part of our landscape
The money the government wastes could provide them with a safe place
To eat and sleep, but we cease to see that our own country is based around war, power and greed
We got families on the street with no where to go, and the concrete's the only place they have to call home

[Hook x2]
Nowhere to call your own
Out here in the cold
Wishing you had a home
Feeling you're all alone

[Verse 2:]
Now every face tells a different story, a different message
Now how can we judge the book when we don't know the beginning
We don't know what turned 'em to the bottle, or started injectin'
We just see dirty clothes and another bum beggin'

Whatta bout the kid who was an addict the second that his mom was pregnant
Or the young girl who was raped and stripped up, everything sacred
Who now stands downtown walkin' on the block pacin' cause the only way she knows how to make it, is gettin' naked

We don't want to face it
And it being the fact that the government created the ghetto and gave it crack
To oppress immigrants and blacks, and give 'em more of a set back
Like the last 500 years wasn't enough to accomplish that

Now look at the homeless rate, and tell me to my face the race
Doesn't play an intricate part in your fate in the United States

Now think about your home, and the place that you sleep
And the homeless, who only have the concrete

[Hook x2]

Now if you wanna see change?
Then throw your ones in the air
You think the system that we're living in is not fair?
You wanna see change?
Then put your ones in the air
Now point it to the ground, cause change starts right there
You wanna see change?
Then put your ones in the air
You think the system that we're living in is not fair?
You wanna see change?
Then put your ones in the air
Now point 'em to yourself, cause change starts right there
Cause change starts right there

Streets are cold, all alone, in the city
Where you lay your head is your home, what a pity
People pass you by with a glance say you're filthy
But they don't know they pain you've been through, no not really

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