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[Verse 1: Maino]
Feels like the world can't hear me, Lord please hear me
I looked at the future of my life, it scares me
Keep gats near me, sell crack dearly
Cooked that, flipped that, stacked that really
Bring more Hennessy, got more enemies
Wake up screaming, niggas they killing me
Wake up screaming, nigga is you hearing me
Hope that the bread that I'm getting (??)
Going all out, 'till I fall out
'Till my niggas come home and they all out
Rats keep snitching, baby momma bitching
She don't understand all the Hell that I've been in
Jails that I've been in, mad different women
But I'm just a man that's sinning
I'm high, I'm drunk, I'm riding dirty
I don't give a fuck let them try to murder me

[Hook: Maino]
Look deep you can touch my soul and understand why I gots' to roll
Till I die, I'mma go hard for real, hit the block 'till I reach a mill
Till that day, I'mma give 'em hella pain, but the hood gon' remember me
Till I die I'mma go hard for real, hit the block 'till I reach a mill
Till that day, I'mma give 'em hella pain, but the hood gon' remember me (remember me)
I'm a g for life, I'm a g for life

[Verse 2:]
Come on it ain't fun for me, niggas come for me
I can see his eyes through the the mask with his gun to me
What he want from me I don't run homie
Wanna take the air I breathe and the lungs from me
Its all wrong to me, but whats wrong with me
Look deep look what the streets done to me
I ain't been the same since 8th grade nigga
I ain't been to school since 8th grade nigga
I can see the sun when it touch the sky
Feels like only clouds have touched my life
Maybe I can get a mill if I get up and try
I cross my heart I hope to die
Feel what it feels like, to live a real life
Mad police, nigga better deal right
Gave my nigga 20 years, that's real life
Pay the block when its cold and it feels nice
Caught up in this drug shit, still on on my thug shit
After my son feels like I don't love shit
I don't trust shit, far as I can tell
That nigga dead, far as I can smell
Still feel the pain of the bars of my cell
Everybody want Heaven but we all go to Hell


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