Malik Ferraud – Grindin (Instrumentals - Meek Mill - Polo and Shell Tops Lyrics

Produced By: Cardiak

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{Verse 1 0:23}

Riding through the city, {uh} foot on the gas
My destination to get it so if I pass
You can’t blame me because I’m trying to cash
In on the opportunity if it don’t last

At least you know I tried, at least you know I did
Everything I could for my city to get it in {uh}

I’m so Maryland 410 til I die
East coast skills with a west coast style {style}

Classified in a custom you can’t design
I’ve mastered the art of passion and put it inside my drive

That’s priceless but, this an expensive ride
To success you thought it wasn’t a price

To pay by day to get where you aim
No money I’m just talking the pain it’s insane

How my city overlooked hidden in states
No matter where I go I’ll make sure that they know th
e name

{Hook 1:08} Repeat 2x

Cuz I’m grinding {grinding} {grinding} {grinding}
Yeah I’m grinding {grinding} {grinding} {grinding}
Oh yeah, I’m grinding {grinding} {grinding} {grinding}
With my city on my back {back}, with my city on my back {back}

{Verse 2 1:31}

Young and ambitious, never had a hand out
It’s hard to get assistance when people know that you stand out

All they see is competition, all I did was work to get it
When you at the bottom you figure out ways to make a living

People take this all for granted, Imagine, not having
A place to stay a pot to piss in

I taught myself growing up you should never listen
To anybody tryna kill your dreams, they didn’t get theirs

Life can be a circus, yeah you know it’s not fair
I’ve been well aware playing musical chairs

I’m just tryna get the last spot, you know that I can’t stop
Channeling my progression, make them haters mad watch

Who am I, not to be the one they wanna ask bout
Malik Ferraud, Maryland I do it for my fam block

People wanna show me love, people wanna hate
But, at the end of the day this is what I gotta say

{Hook 2:16} Repeat 2x

Cuz I’m grinding {grinding} {grinding} {grinding}
Yeah I’m grinding {grinding} {grinding} {grinding}
Oh yeah, I’m grinding {grinding} {grinding} {grinding}
With my city on my back {back}, with my city on my back {back}

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