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I wanna make you happy

It's a hundred dollar cash
Give your hundred percent
You can do the math

20 20 vision

But you just don't see it

[Nicki minaj]
Laced Up Giuseppe Boots, I'm all good
Keys in that thing, interior or wood
Mountains and hills is on the rearview
But piece of mind is what I don't got

You make a girl hit up the dope spot
White line, is a thin line

Prenup, been signed, so quit playing, bench time

[Mary j blige]
I wanna make you happy
But you just don't see it

I wanna be around babe
Baby I'm so tired up comprehend
We say all the wrong things til we make each other cry
What are we doing? will it ever get better?

I gave you eveything that i've got
Watch my feelings walk on by
Every guess, simple try
This is how I feel inside, feel inside

[Nicki minaj]
Guess who used to say yes boo
Now when you say baby is fake
Test tube
, jet white, we don't do jet blue
Skinny tire on that thing, winter fresh blue
Super star, you know I'm in the press room
That's where i’m shitting on these bitches, restroom hahaha

That's ca ca ca ca, get the fuck up out my face
With all that rah rah rah rah

You been wack, might send some brooklyn niggas, get ya kidnapped
With ya bitch ass, hit the dryer cause ya washed, splish splash

[Mary j blige]
I never thought that I would have this feeling
But you think for once, but you could truly mean it
Wasting so much time at disagreeing
See I'm to the part where I don't know what, i'll believe it

Won't you make up your mind
Boy decide (decide, decide)
We can't go on like this, this ain't right
I'm feeling really bad, feeling kinda low
Think it's time to go

I gave you everything that i've got
Watch my feelings walk on by
Every guess, simple try
This is how I feel inside, feel inside

[Nicki minaj]
Yo, this is a mary j blige, nicki minaj
Knock-out, collab

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