Mase – Puff's Intro Lyrics

Produced By: Diddy

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Spoken Intro (Puff Daddy)

Hmm, yeah
The year is 1997

The place: New York, New York, big city of dreams
Harlem U.S.A., hundred and tenth street, 1-25th, 8th Avenue
7th Avenue, Lenox, Polo Grounds, Hundred 45th street, Hundred
12th street, Hun' 35th street
This is the birthplace, of that nigga, they call Mase

This is where he resides at
This is his world
Harlem World
And this is his story
A story of... life, death, sex, drugs, happiness, jealousy, envy, reality
This is his world... Harlem World...

Harlem World...

Harlem World...

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