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**Heavy Crowds & Conversations**

[Lady #1] Damn! they be havin' us out for like a Hour!
[Lady #2] See that's why I don't be fuckin' wit Clubs
[Lady #1] Yea that Fat Ass bouncer, he was out to dick
[Lady #2] Girl I need a drink
[Lady #1] Me too
[Lady #1] What you gettin' to drink ?
[Lady #2] Tss. I think I'm get me a Sex on the Beach
[Lady #1] Yea that sounds good
[Lady #1] Let me get Two orders to Sex on the Beach
[Lady #2] Yo did I tell you what Happened wit Tameka and her Man
[Lady #1] No, what Happened ?
[Lady #2] Yo she gon' fuck her sister yo
[Lady #1] WORD !! - Oh that's fucked up!
[Lady #2] Yo I would of fucked that bitch up
[Lady #1] Niggas ain't shit
[Lady #2] Yo they sure ain't
[Lady #2] Damn they takin' long wit our Drinks
[Lady #1] Yea they sure are
[Lady #1] Yo look at that nigga over there he look good
[Lady #2] WHERE ??
[Lady #1] Over that on the corner by the Speaker
[Lady #1] You don't see 'em ?
[Lady #2] Girl he aiiight
[Lady #1] He over that lookin' all serious
[Lady #1] He might have a nice sized dick I could do some squats on
[Lady #2]*Laughs* Yo you crazy - but you might be right
[Lady #1] HMMMMM! *Laughs*
[Lady #1] Oh they playin' that shit, Ole school;
[Lady #1] I wanna go ova there and dance wit 'em - come wit me
[Lady #2] Girl you crazy - I ain't goin' ova there
[Lady #1] Come on don't be like that, I can't go bye myself

*Music starts right away*

[Verse 1]
They be like send us out to Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan
The Bronx, Harlem and Island of Staten
Just a Dedication to Radio Station
DJ's across the Nation
The East is in da House tonight
Hold ya ladies tight
Pour lil love out Queen, get ya head right
She stood out like 5'3", sexy as she wanna be me
I'm in the cut didn't think she could see
She approach politely and asked "Could I assist"
-] "In a dance wit her and her Sis"
How can I resist an offer so grand ?
She said they need a man, to stand
Why they lock hands
Sounds like a plan wit ya Golden son Tan
Her sista is like BK and Brown
She from Uptown, lil sis strokin' my back
I'm in the middle wit the Two step
Leavin' it simple, On and on party til we break

[Hook: Masta Killa]
Yea we get drunk and we stay high
We known to take Money and keep the fam fly
Guns still bust so please don't try
All my ladies scream butterfly, tho' yo hands high

[Verse 2]
Yea you rollin' wit live from Brooklyn, it's the Squad
Hard hittin', face slittin', guns tottin'
They let them niggas in the party ?
DAMN! they gon' fuck it up
Brothers ain't *?Corrupt?* it's just how we came up
Rough, tough from the City
Pretty ass Pats, strung hung myself young
When I think back sometimes - I wanna roll one
Just blow one - and sit back
Unwind, kill a lil time, you know ?

[Hook: Masta Killa]
Yea cuz we get drunk and we stay high
We known to take Money and keep the fam fly
Guns still bust so please don't try
All my ladies scream butterfly, tho' yo hands high

[Verse 3]
So peace, Happy Physical day, if it's your Birthday
More power moves to make, cake to take
Be Thankful for the food you ate, let's Celebrate
People on the Ecstasy - Please don't OD (Overdose)
It's really not Healthy for your body and Mind
Come wind, wind, wind
Pretty young ladies let your Mind float
To another place, taste raw dope
Track as like Coke - Niggas slingin' Soap
Compare to what I wrote - NOPE!

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