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[Verse 1: Matt Easton]
So it's like Monday, yeah 10 AM, and I'm
Realizing I'm about to do this all again

Get out of bed, grab my books and a pen
Headed to astrology, leaving Earth on the rag
49 cent Jimmy John's bread
Allowing me to save my money just to party instead

Yeah Bacardi and bread, Rhino already dead
A Wednesday night we do it right, wake up and do it again
Uh, I make my ass go to class, strolling on the grass
Backpack strapped, always passing back facts on the napkins
Tilt it down, flat-brim
Getting every answer right up on the section of the matching
After class, pop the Mac and find a chill spot
To pack Vesuvius, so I'm fluent on the track
Then I hit the sack, hearing jazz like the Rat Pack
Dreams of hi-hats and rata-tat-tats
Like that, yeah, I like that, add scratchin' and action
Some music I can snap at
Saying peace to the weak, hearing beats in my sleep
Feet tappin' up and down, yes I catch a couple z's

[Hook] (x2)
(Yeah, that's the way we live life)
Livin' life, livin' life, living mine
(Yeah, that's the way we live life)
Livin' life, livin' life, like I shine
(Yeah, that's the way we live life)
Livin' life, livin' life, livin' life
(Yeah, that's the way we live life)
Livin' life, livin' life, livin' life

[Hook] (x2)
Na na na na (Uh)
Na na na na na na (I like this)
Na na na na na na (I like that)
Na na na na na na (A-bring it back, bring it back)

[Verse 2: Matt Easton]
Friday around 10 PM, and I'm
Realizing we're about to do this all again
So I, throw down a 5 before the Friday flies by
Bout to buy a couple bottles, pre-gaming with just the guys (no homo)

Or getting high, taking my time looking fly
With the fly tie,
bout to fly by, sittin' a mile high
Bringing style to the skyline, all the time
Here comes the weekend, filled with lots of drinkin'
From experience, this is where my liver weakens
Plus on top of that, add a whole bunch of cheifin'
Mixin' chemicals, chemistry is what we're teachin'
Featuring 1138, all season
Posted up deep, digging the ladies sitting next to us
Right of us, left of us, I be ambidextrous
When I step in the room, panties hit the ground
I guess when I dress up, all the ladies dress down

Even with the same pristine routine, I find myself exploring
A-wa-a-weaving outta dreams, and even though
I do the same damn things it's the people making the pattern
Making it worth standing

[Hook] (x2)

[Hook] (x2)

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