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[Hook - Wrekonize]
Angel on my shoulder, devil on my mind
I've been trying save myself, from my own advice

Why can't I just let it go? Why can't I abide?
By the angel on my shoulder, and not the devil on my mind

[Verse 01 - Bernz & Wrekonize]

See I wish I could change things
Been actin' up way too long now

Sometimes I'm an asshole
Who thinks somebody's trying to do me wrong now

Trying to right these wrongs
It's fucked up though, cause I love them all

So I'm 'bout to rise in the fall
And how we smoke too much weed for y'all
Get 'em up, get 'em up, get 'em high keep holding
Devil on my head, get ahead, keep rolling
Frozen 'til I spoke and hopin' for the ocean

Not feelin' like the game's all broken

See we go Jekyll and Hyde on every second reply
Then when the Wrek on they mind, you get broken

Welcome to the freak show
Stay for a while, don't look for the sequel

See we be givin' a name to every drink in the game
That's trying to get in our lane and go golden
Even ignorant lames for individual gain
That get a minute of fame and we like hold up

We been, on it, back up, slow
Get a, clue and, pack it, go
Devil, on my, mental, so
Pack up when you see us, we torn between worlds and it goes

[Hook (With Liz Suwandi)]
Angel on my shoulder, devil on my mind (devil's on my mind)
I've been trying to save myself (save myself) from my own advice (my advice)
Why can't I just let it go? (Let it go) Why can't I abide? (Why can't I?)
By the angel on my shoulder, and not the devil on my mind

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