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Produced By: Backspacez

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[Produced by Backspacez]


Yo, can you hold my kebab for a minute?
I'm about to rap

[Verse 1]
Yo, let me rhyme with no interruption
I'm just tryna function, just tryna function
This the introduction, this the introduction
This that rappity rap with barely any substance
There might be some nonsense in my content
But in context the concept is no concept

I'm no con 'cept when there's a concept
Where there is M'Balls there is progress
And this is only the onset of my conquest

Firing at all my enemies in the process
I am the best, no lie, there is no contest

Should be on your stupid list like Complex
I am so blessed like I got Kendrick for a feature
Fresh of release everyone gon' beg for a feature
''M'Balls'', they say, ''he is the future''
At least that's how I imagine their thought bubbles

But with more fame comes more struggle, more trouble
It's all good though, I'm ready for all the hustle
It's only a small tussle for my strong muscles

Striving to be exciting like a blockbuster
With the brains of a indie cause I got structure

Reign over the game everytime I drop thunder
So you better not ever disrespect me you ...
Nah, I ain't gotta curse, got a fluent verse
Only verse bigger than mine is the universe

How y'all like me now? I'm creating art, yo
Original like my artwork, gamechanger for the artform

Pushing the envelope so hard, might drop the mailbox
And I ain't saying I'm gay when I say my mail hot
I'm saying I get fanmail everday, gotta get my mail blocked

Sorry, my throat slimier than snail snot
But I'mma still keep rhyming 'til my brain rot
Yo, let me just rhyme with no interruption
I'm just tryna function, just tryna function
This is the introduction, this the introduction
To more rappity rap with barely any substance

Just let me breathe

[Verse 2]
Yo, I kick that realness, you're all counterfeit
If you're a wack rapper, I'm bound to diss

Can't tell me shit cause I'm ' bout it, bitch
Can't get inside of my head, I'm not Malcovich
I'll leave you foncused as a pair of bouncing tits
Now let me get back to my rhyming shit
Can't measure the hotness of my bars in fahrenheit
No limit to my skill, above reach, I'm far in height
Higher than Wiz Khalifa smoking reefa on top Burj Khalifa
Ain't got a screw loose, I'm missing the whole toolbox
I be the guy who rule, swagged out in my tube socks
I don't write signatures, I only write autographs
Can't subtract me from rap with all the math
Cause I got rhymes, bars, lyrics and all of that
Will is strong when I write, I'm for real with my diction
The voice of your life cause I'm stranger than fiction
Skateboarding these streets while fighting addiction
It's Eds-treme how I fiend for these jawbreakers, man

So extreme on the scenes I might be a lawbreaker, damn
Nah, let me snap back, realize this track has
No concept like a scene from Jackass, I've mapped that
No con in me, I'll just murder your wack ass
On a golden record with plaque raps, I stack that
So let's do a roleplay; I'll be Detox, you can be Dr.Dre
Even if you had 10 years, still couldn't drop me, hey

I'll drop you in one punch, but I'm no one hit wonder
All of my songs are guaranteed to do Smith numbers
And everyone around here believes I'm a bit younger
But they still look up to me like I'm their big brother
Inspired by the love, motivated by the hate
An acquired taste, but still I can't be replaced
Y'all are about to witness something real great

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