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[Verse 1: MC Mr. Napkins]

I call him the aggresive bee
He flies at me aggressively
He seems to like to mess with me
With fear I see the aggressive bee

Check it out y'all
Yes sirree D
On't think less of me
But I'm afraid of the aggresive bee
Especially when he attacks
And I'm just mindin' my own beeswax
I try to freeze and breathe deeply
Try to wait out the bee til he leaves me
But he won't let me be
So I get the "Let me be, bee!" heebie jeebies!

Got my defenses up
My teeth clench
My whole body tenses up
Should I sing Roxanne or something? '
Cause that little jerk is all about Sting
Does he buzz? Sure he does
He's furious
I'm surious
Not a joke for your funny bone
He's the Attilla The Hun of the Honeycomb

There is a pair of wings on the fellow
And a ring of black and a ring of yellow
He gets me wound tight like the string on a cello
He makes me want to freaking yell and bellow!

Because he is the (WHAT!)
Aggressive bee (OH!)
He flies at me (WHAT?!)
Aggressively (YO!)
I'll guess he'll be (RRR!)
The death of me (OWWW!)

[Verse 2]
With fear I pee in my Levi's
The aggressive bee flies
From his hive he dives at me, no jive
He isn't terrified of me
And it's kind of a surprise to me
Cuz he's like one thousandth the size of me Teeny!

Have a pollentini and chill yourself
If you sting me, you'll kill yourself
That ain't worth it kiddo
You don't wanna make your queen a yellow and black widow
That's not what I want for you
See the truth is bee I'm fond of you and
I feel a bit of a bond with you
Man I even wrote this song for you
But even if I made the bee appear sweeter
I'm not tryna be his cheerleader
His hostility is excessive the bee's aggressive

The bee's aggressive the bee he's aggresive
That bee's aggressive the bee he's aggresive that bee's aggressive
The bee he's aggresive

He's the (WHAT!)
Aggressive bee (OH!)
He flies at me (HUH?!)
Aggressively (YO!)

He's the aggressive bee!
Check it out y'all
There's a pair of wings on the fellow
And a ring of black and a ring of yellow
And he gets me wound tight like a string on a cello
Makes ya wanna freaking yell and bellow

OH! "Put on the red light! Bee, you don't have to put on the red light!"

Oh he's the aggressive bee

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