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Produced By: Tootie

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Because we got the streets suckas
Can you dig it???

I wanna get right to the point
He's here
"He's unique, he's incomparable..."

MC Ren, MC Ren is a killa of the crafted men

Twas the night before the bomb strike
And all the snakes was outta sight
And of all those cat hangs
And all the solutions
Now it's like do or die
So submit to the battle cry
And all the real niggas
Step up to the frontline
See, we don't want two scoops or fruit loops
We lookin' for real troops
Cause it's about a quarter to midnight
15 ticks to catch 15 licks in the fizzot
We lettin' the hatchets chop and the mac-10's pop pop
For all those too slow for the tempo of rizzide
Because all those who can't hang get hung
And those who can't do the job get thumped
So come and walk, coming strong
Coming long, cause we been down for too damn long
And I'm a soldier, a soldier
Nigga I thought somebody told ya
Cause the days of bein' a slave livin' in the grave is over
Ain't no more "we shall overcome" cause we been overcame
So I'm packin' clips full of bullets for all you these years trapped in chains
Listen to the sound of the midnight poker chain
Rollin onn an underground railroad
Takin' aim and set to cause much pain
So hitch a ride on the midnight trizzain
One million ways to die
So devil don't even try
I'm packed, ready and willin' to get a devil a killa
So welcome to the land of the drive by

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