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[Verse 1]
First off, fuck your posts
And the crew you claimed
Hit makers when we ride
We ride with mentality game
You rappers belong in the trash bin
To me your just a has been
Hearts I be rippin
Taylor and Grendel
Some mark ass bitches
We keep on coming
While you acting blue bumming
Steady gunning
Keep on busting at them fools
You know the Rap Genius rules
Iceberg go ask you homie
How I’ll leave you
Cut your young ass up
See you in pieces
Now be deceased

Don’t fuck around with real G's
Quick to snatch your ugly face off the threads
So fuck peace
I’ll let them forumers know
It’s on for trife life
Don’t let the hitmakers
Win the night

Haters hem kit murdered on Wax and kill
Just wait and see, and get your body peeled

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