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The sun shimmers bright lights, to brighten the soil of lover’s love
Before her, elegance was undreamed of
My joy runs through the veins of my body, and the amp the pump my heart
Strong enough to limit the end, loud enough to begin the start
Am I a fool for longing the beauty of passion, the essence of soul?
May the love be preserved in rubies, the affection lay, resting in gold
Of every night, the glimmering stars shine their fire
She’ll be there, nonchalantly present of her mental attire
For her heart is illuminating, like the moon’s reflection
The rhythm of a song, the vivid poetry of introspection
Her voice plays a long, mellow stream of melody
She’s as if she were sent from the clouds from above, her allure heavenly
A harp plays whenever her eyes bloom
She dashes across my mind like a sprying fume
She enchants the needs of my yearning heart
She is discerning, her words speak art
Of every ream I write, my love only grows
She is my love; she is the meadow of our plateau

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